Top Five Posts in HCAD’s First Five Months

Top Five Posts in HCAD’s First Five Months

Today is the fifth month anniversary of Home Clipart Animal Deer. It seems like it’s been forever, but it hasn’t even been half a year yet. Hmm, weird.

Well, considering we’ve updated almost every single day in the past five months (we have missed about six of them), we’ve racked up quite the impressive backlog of posts. Not all of them are created equally, though, at least in the eyes of readers. So what are the Top Five posts we’ve gotten so far?

(Read on so you can see them!)

1. John Kasich: Kin’iro no Kokoro no Otaku no Seijika


It’s the highest-viewed story on HCAD by a mile, and it seems to be because a 4chan post with a link to it exploded a few weeks back. It certainly is one of our favorite Election ‘016 stories we’ve written so far, though, and we’re proud to see it up so high.

We like to think that the story is mostly as popular as it is because the debate about who Donald Trump’s really has as his waifu is a very widespread controversy throughout the political world.

2. “Attack of the Clones” and Expanding Worlds

We weren’t entirely sure whether writing seven Star Wars Movie Club articles in a row would pay off, but it looks like it did because people really liked all of them; even since the website relaunch in January (which reset our stats), all of them have been very high-ranking in site stats.

Attack of the Clones is probably the least-popular entry out of every movie in the Star Wars saga so far (the lowest-grossing at least), so it’s weird to see it get such high views. But hey, that means that all the work put into making the article didn’t go to waste, at least!

3. How Dense is “Revenge of the Sith”?

Since this went together with the Attack of the Clones article like a pair, it’s not surprising for it to be right behind as the third-highest ranking post on HCAD. The articles (along with today’s new The Phantom Menace article) all focus on the visual aspects of the Star Wars prequels in a way that isn’t typically done in popular analyses of the movies, which mostly just focus on “dissecting everything wrong with the prequels”; the seemingly-strange positive attitude towards the movies may be what sets them apart and what makes them so popular.

That or they just have really good search engine results.

4. The Presidential Apprentice


This post also got a lot of views on 4chan, though nowhere near as many as the John Kasich one. But it also got a lot of views linked from other sites, which makes it unique in a story that might actually have been shared by the people who read it (sidenote/plea: if you like our stories, please share them with other people, it’s really cool when you do it).

The friendship, rivalry, then harsh breakup between Teddy and The Donald had not fully run its course by the time this story was posted. But its inevitability was clear, and so we made a riveting tale of the rise and fall of the two most-hated presidential candidates in modern times. And that’s a list that contains Michelle Bachmann and Barry Goldwater so we can’t take the opportunity to skewer them lightly.

5. All About Me Boy


It’s the most-viewed Clipart Story, and was at one time the most-viewed story on HCAD of all-time, up until November or so (back when the site still only got like 10 views a day, but still).

This one is… it’s a strange story. We were a bit worried that people would be so annoyed and/or disgusted by the story that it would sink the website in the very beginning, but apparently it’s pretty good. So that’s a relief. A few other Cliparts have a considerable number of views, but they all pale in comparison to the story about the boy who’s so fresh so cool and beats the heck outta school.

What are your favorite posts from Home Clipart Animal Deer in these first five months of its existence? (Don’t say Bag Bong Theron.)

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