Yet Another Welcome

Yet Another Welcome

It’s February 8th, which is a Monday. Which means…

New HCAD Posts!


Last week we had some good stuff. We, of course, had a brand-spanking new writer come on board (say hello), if you didn’t see that. We had stories about doing your civic duty and about losing your grip on reality and sacrificing yourself to the Dark God. And we had a Clipart Story posted on a Sunday for some reason. We also had the return of Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica which will continue from now on (until the story ends of course)!

This week we will bring you more of the same, which actually means more weird and different stuff that you will presumably enjoy. Though we once again implore you to please comment, share, and do all that cool stuff with anything you like from here on HCAD. It’d be pretty darn great if you did.

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