About Us

This is Home Clipart Animal Deer, the daily short story blog with a heart of gold and an incredibly stupid name. It is run by Thedude3445 and Kenny Herndon/The Artist Formerly Known as Kenye West. We primarily post short stories, flash fictions, and serials, but don’t be surprised if some other miscellaneous projects are shared on here as well. Because your surprise would be near-constant, and we’re afraid that would negatively impact your health.

Some of the projects that we are currently working on for the site are The Election ‘016 Series, where we write a story about every presidential candidate from Carson to Walker, the titular Clipart Stories, where we take a weird piece of (public domain) clipart and write a story using its file name as a title and basis for a premise, and some serial stories. We plan to post something for you to read every day of the week, whether it be a short story, serial chapter, or a stupid limerick that was made in 15 minutes because we forgot to write something.


The posting schedule for the time being is:

Monday: Presidential Story

Tuesday: Clipart Story

Wednesday: Presidential Story, a Good Band Name

Thursday: Clipart Story

Friday: Biweekly – (Blank) We Haven’t Seen or Clipart Story, plus a weekly HCAD Movie Club post.

Saturday: The Project – A Serial Story, and Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica: Prelude to Caribbean Rim – a Serial Fan Fiction

Sunday: SUPER SECRET SURPRISE (AKA whatever we feel like posting)


We hope you enjoy our writing but please don’t yell at us if you don’t!