[Clipart] Couple Having Drinks

[Clipart] Couple Having Drinks



Couple Having Drinks


  1. Tina and Tom meet at a dinner party in Philly. Tina’s the manager Howard’s date but they’re not serious. They hit it off.
  2. They do some sexing. By that I mean passionate lovemaking (gotta write this one well)
  3. They quickly realize they’re made for each other.
  4. Fun date time at the park, talking to a weird guitar playing man, harassing birds, etc.
  5. Howard’s angry about life, Tom doesn’t want to reveal he’s dating Tina but he knows he should.
  6. Tom and Tina taking the weekend to drive all the way to West Virginia, to the city of Davis (a cool old lumber town where Tina’s family grew up), very spontaneous and fun.
  7. Tom reveals his shit to Howard, gets fired, but feels great about it. He’s in love.
  8. Tina doesn’t feel good right now, and Tom offhandedly makes a rude joke. She gets really mad.
  9. Tom can’t contact Tina, she won’t answer. It’s been weeks. She has read receipts on all the Facebook messages, but just isn’t responding to anything.
  10. He can’t figure out what’s wrong for quite some time, until she contacts him again suddenly.
  11. Weeks later, Tom and Tina are having drinks at some upscale bar or something. They seem fine, and they trade a lot of banter, but of course their relationship is extremely strained and Tom still doesn’t know why.
  12. They go home together and cuddle. But when Tina wants to initiate sex, Tom has to ask what happened, what was wrong. Tina won’t reveal, and instead gets mad and leaves.
  13. Tom is alone.


“Okay, and the whole gimmick to this is that it’s all out of chronological order. Through the nonchronological storytelling method, you actually get to figure out what Tina’s going through, and that she had nowhere near the level of interest in Tom that he had in her. You don’t see it in chronological order because of the way it’s mostly in Tom’s POV solely, but the other way, you can see that he’s actually not so great a guy and is generally that kind of ‘snarky pessimist guy’ nobody likes to hang around that much. Tina is also struggling with the fact that she really did like Howard as a friend and is very upset when Tom reveals that he is dating her, seemingly for no reason.”

“And you’re thinking…”

“I’m thinking it’ll be kind of Memento-like, but no backwards bullshit. The first phase goes from scenes 11 through 13, which are longer overall. Then in between those are scenes 1 through 10, which are generally just really short snippets. I might add some more to both sides, but it sounds good so far.”

“Yeah, it does sound pretty interesting–”

“Awesome. I’ll get to work on it, and I’ll probably finish it sometime around Sunday. Then we can look at it and I’ll revise it for Tuesday. If it’s too large we can split it into a couple different sections and post them individually. Though I don’t think we’ve ever done that before…”

“No, can you please let me finish?”

“Yeah, sure. Sorry.”

“I mean, this all sounds good, but… do you really think this is suited for a Clipart Story? I mean, this is some pretty serious stuff. I don’t see the humor in there.”

“I mean– well– Come on, it’s really weird and experimental. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Kind of, but… not really.”

“It’ll have a lot of jokes in it. Tina and Tom are going to be really fleshed out characters. Tom’s ex-wife’s name is Angelina, and is implied to be a certain real-life celebrity.”

“Are you sure… you’re not just using this story as a way to vent about your own personal life and try to make sense of it by writing vaguely-similar characters going through a similar circumstance? This doesn’t sound like the type of thing you like to write. Definitely not the type of thing we usually post.”



“You’re probably right. I’m just one of ‘those writers’. I’m awful.”

“Well, what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m… uh, I don’t know. I’m going to fight the system! I’m going to use this as an opportunity to grow, and, uh, let the entire world grow along with me. For the world is not a vessel for mediocrity and destruction! It is here for peace and prosperity and creativity!”

“That makes no sense.”

“Yeah, I see that now. I didn’t word that entirely like I meant to… Yeah whatever. I’m just going to post this and see what happens.”

“Uh… okay?”

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