[Election ‘016 020] Barty Randerson and the Libertarian’s Legacy

[Election ‘016 020] Barty Randerson and the Libertarian’s Legacy



A man, average build, in a plaid jacket and balaclava sits on a foldout chair in middle of the room. Several locks of curly brown hair peek out from the headwear, accompanied by a bushy black mustache of questionable authenticity. He is BARTY RANDERSON. A boom box sits on the table next to him. He stares blankly at the camera for a moment before pressing the play button on the boom box. The Gremlins Theme plays.


Hiiiiiiiiii. My name is Barty Randerson, friendly protector of

conservative constitutional values in that little ol’ neighborhood

you’ve got there.

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I have decided to stop writing stupid stories and start making AMVs. Literature is a dead art form and anime music videos are the way of the future. You can expect my Oreimo/Uptown Funk original video do not steal within the week. Until then, please watch this AMV featuring by favorite song and my favorite anime.