[Clipart 026] Open All Nite

[Clipart 026] Open All Nite



“Open all… Nite? Weird.” Barbara was extremely confused at this sign.

“Why is the word ‘night’ misspelled on there?” asked Baxter.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out, said Barbara.

“Well, do you want to go in there and find out?”

“No, I don’t think I want to. It could be anything from a strip club to a convenience store, and besides, we probably need to be going back to our hotel, don’t we?” Barbara began walking away… but Baxter stayed. “Baxter?”

“I just want to take a peek.”


“It’ll just be a second,” he said, still staring at the sign. “If it’s a strip club, I promise I’ll only be in there for… a couple hours.” He laughed in a way that did not impress Barbara whatsoever.

Whatever had gotten into him, Barbara realized she wasn’t going to change his mind. Baxter was curious, and he didn’t look like he would be satisfied until he could figure out what this building was.

Barbara didn’t bother to fight it anymore. “Whatever,” she said. They both walked into the door to the building marked with this strange sign.


“HELP!” Barbara screamed, seconds before they shoved a gag in her mouth.

“Shut up, bitch,” one of the several men wearing dark-black cloaks said. “Oh, I guess you have to shut up now, don’t ya?” The man chuckled after saying this.

What was going on? Who were they? What the hell was that structure in the middle of the room? Barbara struggled to break the cloth tying her hands behind her back, and the shredded t-shirt hanging from her neck, but they wouldn’t tear loose. She couldn’t do it.

They picked her up and took her closer to the middle of the room. As they approached the central structure, she realized Baxter’s body, neck-cut and blood still oozing out, was already there.

Please, please… She wanted to beg them to release her. She’d do anything. But she couldn’t say anything to appease them. She could only cry.

She was placed on the structure in the middle of the room, on top of Baxter’s dead body; she could feel his flesh growing cold on her back.

A dozen cloaked individuals encircled her, and began chanting in some foreign language. One of them, whose cloak was white and red, in contrast with the black cloaks of the others, stepped forward. In his hand was a large tooth from some massive creature.

He stepped up to the structure, cut his hand, and let his blood drip down on her face. It was warm, and Barbara continued to cry.


“WE SHALL LET THE NITE BE OPEN TO ALL OF US,” the rest of the cloaked men repeated.

He stabbed her in the chest over, and over, and over– until she was finally dead.


The Dark God Lfi’ntd’a rose that day, and the world has been cast in darkness ever since. Our eternal night is everlasting, and soon, it will be our end.

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