[Clipart] Sleepy

[Clipart] Sleepy

The Moon pulled the nightcap over his head, getting cozy and sinking into his favorite nook in the night sky. He looked down over the four corners of the Earth, sprawling out below him. Veins of light pulsed through the land, streaming out from the cities that outlined the shape of the continents.

“Good night, humans. Sleep tight! I hope you have a fun and exciting day tomorrow!” the Moon said.

He looked over to his pal the Sun, his luminous twin who rotated in tandem over the other half of the Earth. He gave his buddy a wave.

“I’ll see you in the morning, Sun! Keep up the good work!” Moon said.

“Thanks! Rest well, friend!” Sun said with his beaming smile.

He looked up at the stars, the twinkling dots of bright that spread across the firmament above. Each one of the crystalline specks marked another brushstroke of the Lord’s brilliant paintings.

“Hello, stars! How are the heavens looking like tonight?” Moon asked.

“Beautiful and several hundred miles away, Moon!” the stars said in tandem.

“Same old, same old, eh? Well, good night, friends!”

The ice wall circled around the Earth, cradling the continents and embracing the seas, keeping the humans below safe and sound from the endless white expanse beyond.

“Good night ice wall!”

The Moon loved the heavens above, the columns below, and everything in between. Every part of this flat world was another wonderful piece of the celestial clockwork that God so lovingly crafted. The poor little people below had yet to understand the true beauty of the world and were so convinced that the Earth was some ball flying through a void at thousands of miles per second. Silly, silly humans. If the Earth was a ball then how could the sparkling seas exist? How could the gentle breeze whisper across the plains? One day they would understand the true nature of the world, but the Moon loved it for what it really was.

“Good night, flat Earth.”

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