A Newly-Revamped Welcome (And a Giveaway!)

A Newly-Revamped Welcome (And a Giveaway!)

Say hello to Pi day, March 14th! It’s a brand-new week for Home Clipart Animal Deer, and for the rest of the world obviously.

We’ve had a pretty bad last few weeks for this site, what with a bunch of missed posts and almost zero Election ‘016 stories at all. And we’re pretty sorry about all that, too. All the stories we have been giving you these past six months have skidded to a bit of a halt lately, and that’s because of two reasons: 1) We’re busy and this site makes no money so this is essentially working for free, and 2) We have no idea which stories work, which ones people actually enjoy and read, instead of which ones are unenjoyable, and it’s really hard to figure out what to write because of that.

So to fix those two problems, we’re implementing a New HCAD Revamp. What does that mean, exactly? Not all that much. The main change is a new weekly schedule. It’s very much reduced from the previous schedule:

We actually figured that posting up to 10 or 12 times a week might actually be a chore for many people to get through, so our reduced schedule will hopefully be good for you and for us.

As you can see, Mondays will consist only of a Weekly Welcome Post, so these posts will end up being more substantive than usual. We might start rambling about weird blog stuff, or start recommending webcomics or something. You never know, and it all depends on the person writing it.

A sidenote, though; this is incredibly minor, but we will no longer be numbering our Clipart stories. There was never much of a reason for it to begin with and we were worried that it would start to confuse people who would think that the stories are connected via continuity or something. (A couple of them are, but it’s always noted when that happens.)

The other issue we have to address, as previously mentioned, is “audience engagement”. This sounds like some annoying marketing thing, and it probably is, but in the case of Home Clipart Animal Deer, we’re writing funny stories and weird serials and stuff like that. We thrive off the comments and feedback we get. Unfortunately, so far we haven’t gotten very much. So, short of begging for people to comment and share and sign up for mailing lists and all that, we’ll do anything to get more from you, dear reader.

So the first way we will attempt to solve this is a really simple and cheap method: A Writing Giveaway! Read here for more details on that.

Oh, and if you are or know someone who is versed at all in web design, please, contact us. Our site is pretty terrible and we know this very well. Please help us make it less terrible so that it is usable.

And to end this Weekly Welcome Post, since I’ve rambled enough already, here’s a list of all the cool posts we made last week:


Have a nice week, everyone.

Home Clipart Animal Deer: Now Seeking New Writers

Home Clipart Animal Deer: Now Seeking New Writers

Home Clipart Animal Deer is searching for new talent! Or ability to write a bunch of dumb stories about presidential candidates and clipart. Either is acceptable to us.


We’re going to take this site to the next level in order to provide the best HCAD Experience for all of our fine readers out there. Due to many commitments from both of HCAD’s current authors, it is getting hard to maintain and improve the amount and quality (haha) of content on the site. But with your help, just maybe, we will be able to fulfill the site’s true potential and become the premier PML (Peddling of Mediocre Literature) service in the tri-state area.


If you’re interested in writing stories that would fit with the HCAD Brand®, including and especially serial fiction, or if you’re interested in contributing articles that you think should find a home here, then read on for the details:

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It Is Welcomed, This Week of Ours

It Is Welcomed, This Week of Ours

Okay, so like, today’s Monday. You know what that means.

A new week of Home Clipart Animal Deer, of course.

We’ve got a few new posts to show you. They will be some pretty entertaining posts.

However… Like, we’re still working on a new schedule for our postings, so don’t be worried if there are some strange gaps (and there have been some).

We’ve both started new semesters at school and are still trying to sort things out.

Also, we’re going to start looking for help with the site. This might be something of interest for you. Stay tuned for a post related to that.

[Election ‘016 040] The Presidential Apprentice

[Election ‘016 040] The Presidential Apprentice


The Presidential Apprentice



Ted Cruz stood among a shroud of darkness. It enveloped him like nothing else ever had; though he tried to embrace the calming powers of the infinite black, he felt a sense of unease sweeping through him. He could no longer see the door through which he entered the room, so he realized he was trapped in here, alone with nothing but his wits and his constitutional conservatism to guide him.

His eyes were adjusting to the dark, letting him see various shapes in the distance, when he realized he was in an office room of some sort. So he hadn’t just trapped me in this place to let me suffer… That’s fortunate.

A few small red lights turned on, illuminating small portions of the room in a moody crimson. Finally, Ted Cruz was able to let himself take several steps forward towards what he realized was a large desk, though it was shaped like nothing else he had ever seen.

For all Ted knew, he was alone, but he felt a presence around him, and not just the darkness that had seemingly accepted him into its fold. I wonder if he’s really here… Ted closed his eyes and let himself focus, and then felt a hand on his shoulder.

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Welcome All

Welcome All

Another week at Home Clipart Animal Deer is about to begin. And it’s certainly going to be a busy one, so you should stick around, click that follow button if you haven’t already, and let us work our dark and sinister magicks so we can captivate and charm you, as well as summon an Elder God to punish all your ancestors and all your descendants.

If you’ve noticed, we’re almost done with all the candidates for Election ‘016: The Series! We only have a few more to go before we finish, and then that’s where the series gets very exciting. So stay tuned for that.

My series “The Project” is returning on Saturdays and will resume updates. That’ll be exciting. I think it’s exciting.

And starting this week, our Movie Club articles will take a different turn… A more… intergalactic turn… Yes, obviously, if you’ve counted correctly, we are about seven weeks away from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. So to celebrate, we will be writing an article every week about each of the Star Wars movies, including the 2003 Clone Wars microseries. This week, of course, will be on Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Enjoy.

The Project – Short Hiatus

The Project – Short Hiatus

For the next two weeks, “The Project” will be on hiatus so that I can help make the rest of the story even better. Sorry about that, but it will help a lot.

In the meantime, another story will replace it as the main Saturday post– a short two-part serial written by Kenny. You’ll see what it is in exactly one week.

Also in the meantime, you should comment on some of The Project chapters. Tell us what’s cool and what sucks and all that good stuff.

A New Week on HCAD – Welcome

A New Week on HCAD – Welcome

Life sucks sometimes.

As you noticed, there were no posts on HCAD yesterday, marking our first-ever contentless day. Not a good thing at all! I (Thedude3445) had not one, but two posts scheduled for yesterday, including the continuously-delayed The Martian article, but yesterday turned into a complete bust very quickly, and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

With all luck, that’ll be the only non-posting day for a very long time. This week ends “Theweek3445” and resumes posting from both Kenny and me. We have a lot of good stuff planned for the week. And while my thoughts on The Martian didn’t come on Friday or Sunday as promised, they will come sometime this week. Possibly today, if we are lucky.


The ACTUAL Movie Club article for this week will be: Mortal Kombat, the 1995 movie directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.