[Election ‘016 039] Chafee-ing

[Election ‘016 039] Chafee-ing




“Honey, can you go check the mail?” Lincoln Chafee asked his wife from the living room. She didn’t answer; she must have gone outside to do some gardening. “Ah, it’s okay. I’ll go do it,” he said.

It was a long trek from the house, and down the driveway, all the way to the mailbox, but Linc was ready to do it!

“Linc is ready to do it, eh…” he said to himself. “That’d be a good slogan…”

He finally made it to his mailbox and opened it. There were a few bills, a letter from his grandkids, and… what was that?

“Your GOLDEN opportunity… Act now… On sale at your local grocery store…Oh my.” This small flier, with an image of C-3PO and a large spaceship behind him, showed several boxes of different brands of cereal, all with various characters on them. But the main attraction of this cereal flier was the proclamation: One of these boxes had a golden ticket that would let the discoverer go to the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens as the VIP guest!

Lincoln knew exactly what he had to do now.

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