Hey and Welcome

Hey and Welcome

Here’s to another week on Home Clipart Animal Deer, the only website where you can read stupid stories about clipart and presidential candidates all in the same place. Well, for now at least, until some other site probably steals all our cool ideas.

This week, Kenny “Kenye West” “MrVonAwesometon” “Doesn’t Have A Consistent Internet Username” Herndon will be absent, so I will be publishing every single post! Thedude3445 Week shall be henceforth known as… Theweek3445.

Theweek3445 means the second Movie Club article will be done by me. And for this week, I pick the movie Annie Hall, which you can watch on Netflix. So watch it, read the article on Friday, and argue with me about it in the comments section.

Also, while this is only tentative at the moment, we may be beginning “Movie Reviews”, which seem like they are exactly the same as this new Movie Club thing, but it’s not, because Movie Club jumps all over the place and usually won’t be a normal review kind of deal. These “Movie Reviews” (which will definitely have a catchier name) will be probably on Sundays and will be normal review kinds of deals of the new movies to come out on weekends. The movie for this weekend, of course, would be The Martian.¬†However, it might not happen very consistently because movies cost $$ and $$ is always hard to come by, so this could end up being a pipe dream.

Now for the lame blog stuff that isn’t story writing:

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