[Clipart 048] Nervous Worm

[Clipart 048] Nervous Worm

This is a guest post by a friend currently known only as Trish:

It’s the warm-up to the greatest match of the century. Nothing much, just a little show-off game to let the people of Earth know what the new toughest boxer in the galaxy is made of. He is approximately twenty feet long, and he is a worm. His mouth guards are a sight in and of themselves, and the mouth-flesh around them gleams. Taut…tough…veiny. Confident. He doesn’t need boxing gloves to be a champion. And tonight, he’s going to show the universe his personalized retort to the age-old insult “you fight like a worm.”

On one end, Mr. Tommy “The Machine” Gunn swaggers in and pounds his gloves together. From the visiting side wriggles Wormy “The World War” Too, head hanging low with dark confidence. The man behind the worm – rather, the terrifying mouse-man hybrid given new life in some offshoot Rocky sequel – is done toweling off the approximate area wherein the worm’s arms and shoulders would theoretically be.

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It Is Welcomed, This Week of Ours

It Is Welcomed, This Week of Ours

Okay, so like, today’s Monday. You know what that means.

A new week of Home Clipart Animal Deer, of course.

We’ve got a few new posts to show you. They will be some pretty entertaining posts.

However… Like, we’re still working on a new schedule for our postings, so don’t be worried if there are some strange gaps (and there have been some).

We’ve both started new semesters at school and are still trying to sort things out.

Also, we’re going to start looking for help with the site. This might be something of interest for you. Stay tuned for a post related to that.