[Clipart 014] Boredom

[Clipart 014] Boredom



Skin flaps curl over

Your hands, nubs with knuckles

A crescent moon atop your head

The balloon on your chin squeezed against the frame

And a lime-green loaf of bread behind

Your head.


You wish it ended with something happening

It never does, and your blue semicircles know it.


Just do it, in a goatee.

Welcome, It’s Now… Week 2!

Welcome, It’s Now… Week 2!

I hope you have all enjoyed the first week of Home Clipart Animal Deer! The second week will hopefully be just as enjoyable; we have a lot planned for the next couple weeks, and we hope you’re ready for all of it.

Just to recap our schedule a little bit:

Monday – President Story

Tuesday – Clipart Story

Wednesday – President Story, a Good Band Name

Thursday – Madoka Magica repost, Clipart Story

Friday – President Story, and soon, another regularly-scheduled feature

Saturday – The Project serial

Sunday – ????

Sunday is the only day where we have no regularly-scheduled content as of now. And because of that, we’ll be open to any suggestions about what strange stuff we can post on that day. We will always try to post something every single day, even when we don’t have anything set, though it’d be nice to have anything set for Sundays.

Anyway, we still have several good posts lined up for you, and some of them are pretty damn good, so look forward to that.



Welcome to Home Clipart Animal Deer, or HCAD if you like acronyms/hate stupid names. This is a site where we, we being Kenny “Kenye West” Herndon and Elly “Thedude3445” Baker, write things and then post things so you can read things. The content on the site includes flash fictions, short stories, serials, and as well as other miscellany that we happen to make along the way. We have several series planned; Election 2016, where we write a story about every single presidential candidate (yes, even you, Jim Gilmore), the titular clipart stories where we take a piece of (public domain) clipart and write a flash fiction using the file name as a premise/title, as well as several serials that are already planned or in the process of being written.

We will try our best to upload something for you every day, with an Election 2016 story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a clipart story every Tuesday and Thursday, and serials/standalone stories being published on the weekends. We hope you enjoy!