[Election ‘016 025] Love, Like a Ghazi in the Wind

[Election ‘016 025] Love, Like a Ghazi in the Wind

“-lary Clinton will go on trial tomorrow in front of a military tribunal for her involvement in 2012 attacks on th-”

“-not believe what she did! If she really didn’t do those terrible things then she should turn over whoever really di-”

“-osby has been exonerated of all of his crimes because at least he isn’t Hil-”

Hillary chucked the remote at the television, drilling a hole in the screen and sending sparks shooting through the shattered glass. She wasn’t even that mad about the reports, to be honest. She just really did not feel like going through all the trouble of pressing the power button. Hillary couldn’t be bothered by whatever Gate she was currently involved in; being embroiled in a nationwide controversy was just like breathing for her. Whitewatergate, Lewinskigate, and now… uhhh…

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