[Election ‘016 019] Same (Don)Old Song and Dance

[Election ‘016 019] Same (Don)Old Song and Dance



“And that, my fellow Americans, is why black people smell funny,” Donald Trump said into his microphone. The audience erupted into a deafening crash of noise, equal parts cheers and boos. He looked at them with a smirk, shrugging off the protests of his opponents both literally and figuratively. “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to build a wall to keep all the Muslims out and I’ll make the President of ISIS pay for it!”

“Mr. Trump…” the moderator tried to get his attention.

“And seriously, what’s the deal with those gays?” Trump continued.

“Mr. Trump. Your time is up, we have to move-”

“I mean, I’m surprised that Senator Graham’s stance on gay marriage is so strict. All I’m saying is that I expected different, ya know? With that voice of his?”

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