[Election ‘016 027] Day of Chafee

[Election ‘016 027] Day of Chafee

Day of Chafee



Lincoln Chafee sat in his chair behind of his booth in front of his front yard in front of his house. He had some pitchers of lemonade, and a few oatmeal raisin cookies, and a big sign on the top of the booth that said: “Linc 2016! Only 50 Cents!”

He was just really happy to be out here. When he read on Politico that he had the least money of any of the candidates, he realized it was time for him to do some fundraising. when he was governor in Rhode Island, he didn’t really do much fundraising; this time, it was all going to change.

And so that’s what led him here, ready to replenish his Super PAC, as well as the thirst and hunger of anyone willing to pony up (he laughed to himself as he thought this, thinking about his horse Buttercup).

His wife Stephanie came up to the booth and dropped two quarters down. “I hope you aren’t getting too hot,” she said. She took a cookie and bit down on it. She made a weird face. “Ew.”

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