[S] Week: Welcome (Week of April 4th)

[S] Week: Welcome (Week of April 4th)

Once again, as always, there is another week in store for Home Clipart Animal Deer, and on this week, there will be new stories.

What stories?

All of the stories.

Yes, all of them.

Every single one.

At least five of them.

As for last week, we only had three stories:

The best question to ask is: where were the other two stories? Well, there’s no real excuse for it. A week with no (Blank) We Haven’t Seen is a week wasted, to be honest. And yet another week without Beyond Thund-Noir-Dome Part 2 is yet another week to make the entire world feel pure agony.

But yeah, HCAD as an entity was at the AWP 2016 Conference in Los Angeles, so writing stories was really hard OK. This week we will make up for all our terrible transgressions and enter a new era of peace and prosperity.

Let us go beyond into the next realm.

Hey I Didn’t Write What I Was Supposed To

Hey I Didn’t Write What I Was Supposed To

Yeah, I’ve been doing shit so I didn’t write the Star Wars essay. Oops. I’ll write it and post it probably on Sunday. Instead of that, here is an angry YouTube comment about the Bene Gessirit from Dune.


that hairless hag bitch annoys the shit out of me. ..bitch. she’s ugly and mouthy throughout the whole movie.. which would be ok if she wasn’t a total dipshit asshole who forces her ass breathe ideology on the Duke.. Cuz he’s death eternal! ..bitch. SILENCE! I keel yuuu. At least she looks better than Baron Boyle Boils.