[Madoka] Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica – Chapter 7-4

[Madoka] Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica – Chapter 7-4

Chapter 7-4


Homura woke up once again. Her hair was still long and braided, she still had her glasses, and she still had her soul gem on her hand. It all felt so familiar, and yet she realized something was extremely different.

She waved in front of her face… And images and text began flashing everywhere. She tried waving it all away, but it wouldn’t stop. What was this?

And then she remembered: “Welcome to the Cybernet, Neoakemi.”

It all came back to her in a flash: the double-wish, all her failures in the previous timeline, everything. “Oh man, I’m fucked…” she muttered.

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