New Serial Story — The Project

New Serial Story — The Project

Home Clipart Animal Deer’s first serialized story will be published, starting today; it’s called The Project, and it will be posted once a week on Saturdays. It is a very fun story, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have writing it.

Note: We may be starting other serial stories in the meantime; if there are any other ongoing stories posted while this one is still running, they will either be posted on a different day, once a week, or also posted on Saturday, moving this to a bi-weekly schedule. The Project isn’t overly long, so it probably will not be much of a hindrance either way.


Good Band Names – Nothing But Scorn

Nothing But Scorn

Genre: Speedcore/Trash Fusion

Their lead singer, Terrance Smith, formed the band with bassist, and childhood friend, Lars Gunderson, and his cousins Laurence and Franklin Oswald on guitar and drums, respectively. Gunderson left the band in 2011 due to a dispute with lead singer Smith and they haven’t been on speaking terms since. He is currently being replaced by Todd Masters, who was the studio bassist on several tracks from their sophomore album “The Streets Run Red.”