Good Band Names – Meat is Poison

Good Band Names – Meat is Poison

Name: Meat is Poison

Genre: Glam Rock

Bruce Willford and Mel Gleeson, along with a rotating drummer and synth player, travelled the country for thirteen years, from 1973 to 1986, performing strange covers of 60s Anti-War songs and classic Rock-and-Roll songs. They never actually had an album produced, and their names were likely made up for their band, so we may never know anything about the band except from eyewitnesses.


Good Band Names – One Black Chick

Good Band Names – One Black Chick

Name: One Black Chick

Genre Indie Folk

They’ve been around since 2010, jamming away with their acoustic guitars about life in the modern-day Southern Appalachians. The band has gone through many changes in lineup, with only Becca White remaining as the permanent lead singer, but no matter who is currently in the band, there has to be exactly one African-American female in their group, usually on drums, though occasionally as the co-lead singer, like when Hannah Kline headlined the group in October through December of 2014.

Good Band Names – 50 Messages from Thursday

Good Band Names – 50 Messages from Thursday

Name: 50 Messages from Thursday

Genre: Pop Punk

This band lasted exactly one year in the spotlight– 2005. Its first hit single, “Dying to Treat You”, hit number 34 on the charts, and was featured in the end credits to the modern-day “Streetcar Named Desire” remake. But nobody was ever able to find out the names of any of the band’s members, and their first album, “Touched and Tortured”, was available only through Myspace. Their Wikipedia page has gone untouched since 2010.


Good Band Names – Cunnilingus Fury

Name: Cunnilingus Fury

Genre: Swedish Folk Metal

Their lyrics are nigh incomprehensible over the music and they have only sold six copies of their albums on since 2004 but they keep releasing an album once every three months anyway. They are known in the folk metal scene mostly for their song “Aryan Bar Mitzvah” from their album “How Hard Do I Need to Fuck!” in 2009. Despite being Swedish Folk Metal, they are all Americans.


Good Band Names – West to Wes

Name: West to Wes

Genre: Prog Jazz

Armed with a saxophone and a guitar, this duo takes jazz to a level none has ever heard before. Chuck West and Wes Carmichael are Eastman dropouts who have decided to travel the country as storytellers, recounting tales of ancient pasts and mystical futures through their insturments. They still have only released one EP, since their tour hasn’t ended after over four years.


Good Band Names – Blade Walkers

Name: Blade Walkers

Genre: Symphonic Rap

This band is a rap group centered around classical progressions and progressive classiness. They frequently rap about subjects such as class warfare, alternate history, and perform renditions of e.e. cummings works. Their music videos on Youtube regularly receive tens of thousands of views from fans, tough their CDs sell almost no copies. Yet they still perform.


Good Band Names – Daijobu Warriors

Daijobu Warriors

Genre: Nerdcore Metal

A very hardcore heavy metal group, but with a large focus on NES and Gameboy chiptune sounds to go along with their thrashing guitars and raging drumset. The group formed out of Seattle after meeting at a Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament, and have been performing locally at midnight releases of most major Xbox games since Halo Reach.