[Clipart] Mythical Elf Frog

[Clipart] Mythical Elf Frog


Mythical Elf Frog



In the deep of the forest, far from anywhere society had ever discovered or developed, there was a village called Mimsytown. It was little bigger than a hamlet, though honestly it was little bigger than a single small tree. Each of the buildings in Mimsytown were but single mushrooms hollowed out and turned into homes for each of the elves living there. It was scary whenever the birds and snakes would try to hunt the city down, but Father Yayteese knew all the magic spells to keep the animals away and help the village grow without fear.

Overall, it was very peaceful in Mimsytown. Of the hundreds that lived there, none wanted for food, and all were able to learn a lot from the village elders. It was a great life, and it was the only one that Gnoptop knew.

Gnoptop was one of the younger elves in the village; he always liked having fun and had lots of friends. They liked to pal around with him and call him funny names, like “Slow the Slowton” or “Puke-colored Patsy” or “Borf Barfer”. Gnoptop was never sure what the names mean, but they sure made his friends laugh, so they made him laugh too.

All the village elders treated Gnoptop very nicely. He very much enjoyed that. In fact, they even promised to train him to ride a frog one day! It was very rare for young elves to be allowed to ride the frogs, but they thought he was very special. He was very excited about that for many years of his life.

It took until he had nearly come of age, but they finally did teach him all he needed to know. He got his very own frog named Nalhot, and once they thought he was ready, the village elders set Gnoptop on their mission.

Father Yateese found Gnoptop playing in the dirt one day, and pulled him aside. “I have a very important task for you, dear Gnoptop,” he said. “All the elves in Mimsytown depend on you to do it.”

Gnoptop was so excited to have such a big responsibility placed on him. He never expected something like this to happen. Now that he could ride a frog, there was no telling what wonders he could accomplish!

He went on home to his mother and told her all about the fun things he was going to do. He was going to be a hero and save the day and make everyone in the village happy. His mother was so excited for him that she cried tears of joy.

As soon as the sun set on Mimsytown, Gnoptop hopped on Nalhot and set off. Father Yateese told him to go to a play far away from the village, near the puddle next to the great fern grove. He had not a copy of the directions or a map, so he had to remember exactly where to go. But it was okay, because Father Yateese and the other village elders made sure he remembered.

Within a few hours, Gnoptop found the place; a very large mushroom house, right near the puddle next to the great fern. It had a chimney that was pouring out smoke, so somebody had to be inside. He entered it, just like the village elders said to. It made him nervous and he was scared, but he did it anyway, hopping off Nalhot and walking right into the door.

To greet him were three large creatures. They were not elves. They were certainly not from Mimsytown, either; they wore black plated armor with spikes covering them and they looked very scary with sharp fangs and dark red hair across their bodies. But they were smiling wide, so Gnoptop knew it would be okay.

“They finally sent this year’s tribute,” one of them said. “I was getting worried that they were getting a little defiant.”

“It’s about time,” another said. “I’m starving.”

“Well, let’s dig in,” the third said, pulling out a large sharp object.

The three creatures charged at Gnoptop and began stabbing him with their weapons. He cried out in pain, hoping the village elders or Nalhot or someone would hear him, but they didn’t. Blood poured out of him until he lost the ability to see, to feel, or to think.

Deep in the forest, the night sky played along, and all the nocturne was alight with prancing and cheering. There were feasts of fancy, and there was much dancing to be found. The forest remained untouched, as it would continue to be for all time.

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    1. Assuming you are a real person: Thanks, though the site design is absolutely garbage. The theme is Sobe, one of the free WordPress themes that anyone can use.


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