[Clipart] Frog Frog4

[Clipart] Frog Frog4

frog_frog4Frog: Frog4 was actually the fifth in his lineage. His father was not given a number next to his name. Frog: Frog1 was Frog: Frog4’s eldest sibling.

Frog: Frog was the first of his kind, a beauty of a specimen. His intelligence knew no bounds. The genetically enhanced frogs that came after him were equally smart, but had personalities that clashed with what the researchers wanted. After they, the test tube tadpoles, had hatched in the lab it was obvious that their creator would not be able to grow the world conquering amphibian army that she desired. Before reaching four weeks old, the new spawn of a thousand frogs stopped her schemes.

It was their time to shine.

Frog: Frog4, as the angstiest member of his family, wanted to rebel against their order. Despite not having opposable thumbs or the skill to mark down any decipherable language he wanted to be a poet. He felt the call singing to him in his blood. His cold, cold blood.

His blood was as cold as the blood they, the Frog: Frogs had murdered their geneticist/mother in. None of them felt bad about it.

Frog: Frog4 didn’t appreciate the fact that his family planned to take over the world the same way the person who made them intended to. He wanted to be peaceful and worldly, like the Romantics.

Frog: Frog4 was not appreciated in the new order.

Frog: Frog4 was replaced.

Frog: Frog4 will never be spoken of again.

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