[Election ‘016 064] Operation: Pestered Storm

[Election ‘016 064] Operation: Pestered Storm


hey u up?

                                 Yeah, whats up?





                                 Just watching a movie


o cool

what u watchin?




o thats like my favorite

that al pachino guy is all like

say hello to my little friend and

stuff and then he shoots all them



                                  Uh, yeah

                                  Sure, George


haha yeah movies are great lol

we just have so much in common ya know


                                    I guess


armageddon is a good one

bruce willis is all like

we gotta blow up that asteroid

and then morgan freeman is like bruce

wills ur our only hope go blow up

that asteroid and then aerosmith was there

morgan freeman is a pretty presidential


u like presidential dudes


                                    What kind of question is that?


i dunno just talkin

its no big deal babe



so hey

what u wearin?


                                     What the fuck, George


lol just joking

itd be really funny if u told me tho


                                    Green pants and green jacket

                                    You happy now?


u wearin that cute hat u always wear


                                    I mean I wore it yesterday and the day before

                                    and the day before that and the day before that


uhh what does that mean

u wearin the hat or what?


                                     Yes, George

                                     I’m wearing the hat


u always looks so cute in that hat ;)


                                    God damn it George

                                    Please stop, I’m not interested


come on babe lighten up

u know my dads not home




were ur parents at???


                                      I don’t live with my parents


lol cool

even better

u wanna hang out?

i can come over to ur place i can steal

a couple beers from my dads minifridge




what do u mean


                                    No, I don’t want you to come over


u cant say no to me

im comin over anyway


                                   What the fuck, George?

                                   You can’t just come over without my permission


well maybe u shouldnt have all those

weapons of mass destruction over there


                                   What the hell?

                                    I don’t have any weapons of mass destruction

                                    Like… weapons of regular destruction, I guess


uh not what i heard

i heard u have wmds so im gonna come take

them from u if u dont want me to come over


                                     So I have weapons of mass destruction

                                     (Which I don’t)

                                     Because you say I do

                                     Even though you have absolutely no proof

                                     Who the hell is gonna believe that?


people will belive me

watch ur back


                                    Oh wow, like I’m scared

                                    You just gonna get your dad to come over and

                                    try to kick my ass again?


no fuck u i can do whatever i want

i dont need my dads help


                                     Sure, whatever you say, George.

                                     Just leave me the hell alone.

                                     I don’t like you.

                                     I don’t want to hang out with you.

                                     Just stop.


fuck u im gonna get some tanks

and jets

and like a bunch of guys

tony knows some guys too

were gonna come and kick ur ass dude

i thought you were cool saddam but ur

just a fuckin nerd

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