[Clipart] Pig Piggie

[Clipart] Pig Piggie

normal_pig_piggiePig Piggie, the sow on McGregor’s farm, was happy in her life. Sure, she had had some ups and downs. Once, she had seen a little bit too much through the slats in the fence between her and the slaughteryard. For almost a week she squealed and screamed every time a human came near. Since then, she always stayed on the other side of the farmyard she was penned into. She never had to think about it if she didn’t want to even if it was always on the back of her mind.

There was always the wonder, “Will I be next?” Pig would ask herself this all the time, even though she logically knew that on the farm she lived in pigs were only slaughtered once a year. She knew that, and yet the fear was ever-present.

Despite all her worries, she had a good life. She had all the slop and mud she could ever want, and she could play with the other pigs whenever she needed to. One time, she had been the main feature at a petting zoo. It was paradise on earth to meet all the wonderful children who wanted to love her.

Pig’s only wish in life now was to live until her new litter of piglets reached maturity. She wanted to keep them happy, healthy, and protected from the fearsome knowledge that all pigs eventually learned. Despite all the things you might think in your youth…

Farmers kill pigs.

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