[Clipart] Eat Drink Speak Think Feel

[Clipart] Eat Drink Speak Think Feel

Eat Drink Speak Think Feel



Emotions. Those things were a useless construct created by the patriarchy to control how we acted and reacted to events both within and without our control. Now they are useless. We have our base desires, but emotions are not any of them.

We must eat to survive. The sustenance that meat, wheat, and vegetables provide us is glorious and helps us to further our pursuits of creativity and advancement. Our teeth feel them and crush down on them and it gives us a sensation like no other.

Our bodies consist primarily of water. That is why drinking is extremely important as well. The liquid sloshing in our bellies is not an experience of excess. It is the fulfillment of a body’s wishes.

To speak is to communicate with the humans around us. Until we can beam our thoughts across to each other and work as one true unit, we must use our throats and our vocal cords to make sounds, to make language and let each other know the facts, the circumstances surrounding every event.

Thinking is essential. One cannot speak without the process of thinking. One cannot find anything to eat or drink if they cannot use their minds to remember, to search, to discover. It is that power of our minds that lifts us up above the animals that which we eat.

Feelings are… Feeling. The act of feeling is to rub one’s skin over something, and to let the nerves send signals to the brain. This… this is all.

We are made to feel. Not to have feelings. There is no reason to believe that we have any purpose beyond advancing the collective, and the collective does not need such things as fear, disgust, worriment, love, anguish, or hatred. Emotions are useless and feelings are emotions.

No, stop.

Why the fuck are you here? How long have you been listening to this?

No, this isn’t about that.

You narcissistic prick.

I already said. This isn’t about you.

Fuck you, Frank. I told you to get out of my fucking apartment. Yes, I know it’s yours too. It was. No, you’re not allowed to come back. Stop. Get out or I’m calling the cops.

I’ll really do it. You think I’m not serious. I am completely serious.

Get back here! You can’t take that! That’s mine!


Please, don’t go! Please stay!

Fuck you, Frank! I never want to see you again! I mean… Fuck.

Where was I?

Ah, yes. Emotions are the bane of the world. And…


I can’t do this right now. Can I come back later?


Okay, I’m here. Do you want me to continue?



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