[Clipart] Double Gold

[Clipart] Double Gold

double_goldYou’ve earned it.

Ten points and a double gold award. You did everything you could at the relay races. You lapped everyone else in the game where you carry an egg on a spoon in your mouth across the field. In the three legged race you picked your partner up and carried her weight. You showed no fear when running and jumping onto a chair to pop a water balloon with your butt. Nothing could stop you.

You won every game.

Why does the victory feel so wrong?

You tripped Bobby McKinley in the stick passing relay. In the potato sack race you found holes at the bottom of your bag and stuck part of your feet through on each step to extend your range of motion, instead of hopping like you were supposed to. You got a little bit closer than you were supposed to whenever you had to aim to hit things.

You’re a fraud.

Everyone is cheering.

You won every game.

Was it worth it?

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