[Clipart] Bad Idea

[Clipart] Bad Idea

bad_ideaMatthieu had been awake for the past seventy nine hours. Staying up for that long had been a bad idea; he had an important meeting that he needed to go to today. The board budget meeting could honestly take care of itself, but as President and CEO of his company, Matthieu sort of needed to be there instead of just sending a representative again. It was bad form to send someone in his place to fifteen meetings in a row, and Matthieu was cutting it close.

He had no real excuse. Most people don’t consider playing clicker games during literally all the time they spend at home a good excuse for lack of productivity or sleep, especially at the executive level Matthieu had worked up to over the past twelve years. CEOs weren’t supposed to enjoy those kinds of things. People over the age of thirty five weren’t supposed to enjoy those kinds of things. Nonetheless, Matthieu enjoyed playing video games that were plot-empty enough that they often failed to entertain anyone over the age of twelve years old, or so anyone above the age of twelve years old would say if they were asked. Truly, no one knows what entertains other people, and one of the most popular casual game genre is the clicker sort.

Matthieu’s apparent lack of self control is something that his numerous assistants and staff members related to. His love of and dedication to childish pursuits was emulated by all of his interns. He was the most loved CEO in all the land because of how connected his staff felt to him, but that didn’t make the company successful. Matthieu didn’t know any of that, because he spent forty hours a week at the office and fifty hours in front of his home computer, clicking away to farm for coins he would never use.

Three weeks later at a board meeting Matthieu slept through the decision was made to let Matthieu go. His severance package was large, but it had still been a bad idea to let his life become centered around a video game.

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