[Clipart] No Monsters

[Clipart] No Monsters

no_monstersJared took the baseball bat out from underneath his bed. Tonight, he would solve the problem.

Jared’s dad had told him every night for the past year that there were no monsters in his closet. Tonight, his dad wouldn’t have to lie to him anymore when he said that. Tonight, Jared would make sure there were no monsters in his closet.

The first step of his plan was already in place; Jared had covered the floor of his closet with wood planks with nails sticking out of them during the day between the time he got home from school and his parents got home from work. His babysitter had thought he was playing by himself in his room, but he had had free reign of the house and his dad’s workshop while she watched a reality show and called her friend. Jenny and Janice didn’t talk about a lot, but they talked a lot about it. All the time. Every day. One time Janice came over. Jared saw some stuff. It was gross.

After the monster trapped itself on the nails in the closet, Jared would smash it with his baseball bat. Lights out was swiftly approaching, and Jared had read about stakeouts in his spy books. Constant vigilance. Constant.

He turned the lights out, sat in front of his closet door, and waited.

After an hour (He checked his clock. It was 9:30 PM), Jared opened his closet door, baseball bat at the ready.

There were no monsters in his closet.

He turned around.

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