[Clipart 052] Apply

[Clipart 052] Apply


To get ahead in this world, you gotta apply yourself. Apply for jobs, apply for housing, apply for that website you wanna work for. You gotta apply one hundred per-goddamn-cent of your entire self to everything you do, and then maybe you can apply for vacation hours to recover from the stress that causes you.

You gotta apply for everything you want in life, because all of life’s a lottery process. You gotta apply for scholarships, grants, jobs that don’t even pay a living wage if you’re living there. You gotta apply, apply, apply everything you are to get back even half of what you need to survive and you gotta be grateful for it.

You gotta apply for disability services at your school, you gotta apply to get a tax refund of the extra fifteen percent of your wages the government took out of your paycheck, and you gotta apply for so many other things that equate to “being treated like a human being that deserves the right to life without being in constant agony” because life is a goddamn lottery.

Son, you have no rights in life, and the world doesn’t care if you’re currently going through something life threatening. You gotta apply to get onto the waiting list of a professional that will see you and not treat you like a child and then fuck up your body like it doesn’t matter to him. It doesn’t matter to him. He’s just trying to ooze out a living from other people’s pockets, just like you. Unlike you, he’s doing it successfully. His only worry in life at this point is if his 401K is large enough to compensate for when a patient eventually sues him for diagnosing them incorrectly and causing him to not be able to practice medicine ever again. He doesn’t have to apply anymore. He can coast.

To stay ahead in this world, you can coast. But you’re not there yet so you gotta apply for those people’s approval. You’ll get turned down, but you still gotta apply.

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