The New Week Welcomes You

The New Week Welcomes You

And we at Home Clipart Animal Deer welcome you as well.



As you may know from the news (or yesterday’s Eve of Iowa story), the Iowa Caucuses are today, and therefore Election ‘016: The Series is finally ramping back up after 51 stories of nonsense and mayhem. We posted our Monday story yesterday (again, Eve of Iowa, read now) so we won’t have anything today, but you’d better get excited for all the stuff we’re going to post for this story series in the near future, AKA probably from now until March 15th. Unless the GOP race turns into a heated contest and ends up with a contested convention in July in which case we’re going to have the ultimate Presidential Election parody series of all time.

Even though a week or two ago I did say that it was possible and didn’t happen, Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica WILL be updating again, finally. So we’re actually going to have some good Saturday posts other than terrible one-off pictures.

Also, we may have a story-related surprise later this week! If it happens it will be very exciting so make sure to set your calendars and constantly F5 this page in hopes that you will get the event the moment it happens (Or just Subscribe!).

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