[Clipart 047] Spooky Swami

[Clipart 047] Spooky Swami



“Step up to my booth, and make sure that you are ready for your life to be changed in a way that you may either find extremely beneficial, or extremely malicious. I do not know which, and I will not know until your fortune is read.”

They stepped up to Spooky Swami’s booth and sat down in a circle around the table. Spooky Swami centered himself so he could face all three of them at once, and then put his hands on the crystal ball in the middle of the table.

“Please place your tributary circulatory money on the table next to me. I will be able to focus better knowing that you have contributed your fair share of ability towards me. Thank you very much.”

They placed money on the table and pushed it at Spooky Swami. His eyes were now closed, but he could tell from the way the coins and bills touched the ground that it was precisely fifteen dollars and eighty cents. More than enough for three denizens of this reality to have their fortunes read, he thought.

“I am beginning to see things about you that I would not otherwise see. I hope you don’t think I am attempting to deceive you in any way. I’m not. I know your fortunes, and am seeing them at this very moment.”

They began shifting in their seats, and Spooky Swami could feel it. He was losing them, and he could do almost nothing about it. His power was not working like it used to.

“My mind is flowing with the past, present, and future of each of you. It is beautiful, and I will tell each of you about it. Just wait a few seconds for me to process the swirling lights and streams of consciousness that have zapped within my mind in these past moments, so that I can let you understand what you must do to let these occurrences take hold within our existence. No, please sit still. You will disrupt the mind-surge.”

One of them started to stand up and walk out of the tent. Spooky Swami reached under the table and hit a button. The lights began flashing, and the crystal ball lit up with lightning. Spooky Swami raised his hands and began shaking.

“The planes of dimensional entrance have consumed me! I can see all! It won’t be much longer before the insects that inhabit the ninth realm will eat their way inside my soul and leave me a husk, but it is worth it, because I can see your fortunes!”

All three of them left the tent, but Spooky Swami kept swinging his arms about.

“Do not leave the presence of this protected zone! If you do, then the consequences shall be instant! There is no guarantee that your fortunes will be able to come to pass if you do not let me tell you of them! No! Please! I’ll do anything!”

Spooky Swami collapsed on the floor in convulsions.

“Your fortunes are still inside me! Please let me tell them to you, or they will be stuck within my mind! I cannot control my own brain while I am in this state! You’re making a grave mistake!”

But nobody heard him. He was alone.

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