Hello, this is your captain speaking. We have just reached cruising altitude and will be arriving at HCAD International in just a few hours, where you will experience some of the most inane and mediocre literature in the western hemisphere. We’ve got a great flight planned for you today, with only a few patches of choppy skies as we fly over Kansas due to my frantic scrambling to balance school, work, and this garbage website. If you look to your left, you will see http://homeclipartanimaldeer.com/series-archives/, a new portion of the website compiling all of our story series in one place. This was created by your co-pilot, who is actually the one steering this plane, as I’m just staring off into space thinking about doing something. Other than that, this seems to be a pretty routine flight, although there may be some unexpected surprises, so be sure to sit back and buckle up when the seat belt sign comes on. Who knows, we may even get a third pilot in the near future, as that is how airplanes work in this worn out metaphor. Sit tight, have fun, and enjoy your flight.

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