Home Clipart Animal Deer: Now Seeking New Writers

Home Clipart Animal Deer: Now Seeking New Writers

Home Clipart Animal Deer is searching for new talent! Or ability to write a bunch of dumb stories about presidential candidates and clipart. Either is acceptable to us.


We’re going to take this site to the next level in order to provide the best HCAD Experience for all of our fine readers out there. Due to many commitments from both of HCAD’s current authors, it is getting hard to maintain and improve the amount and quality (haha) of content on the site. But with your help, just maybe, we will be able to fulfill the site’s true potential and become the premier PML (Peddling of Mediocre Literature) service in the tri-state area.


If you’re interested in writing stories that would fit with the HCAD Brand®, including and especially serial fiction, or if you’re interested in contributing articles that you think should find a home here, then read on for the details:

We’re looking for one to two new members of the Home Clipart Animal Deer Network, something with a name way too fancy for what it actually is. We need new writers, though help with art, design, and social media would very much be appreciated. So we’re looking for people to fill our opening and help us out.


We need someone who can make at least 3 posts per week for a third main author, or at least 1 post a week for any contributor. Everything you write will have a good place here on our website, which, uh, has lots of room to grow as far as community goes, but eventually it’ll probably really have some good stuff.


Unfortunately, as of right now, we cannot offer any payment. We don’t even get paid ourselves; we still don’t make enough money to cover hosting costs. Eventually, we may make enough money that this could change, though we don’t know how long that will take. So you might want to apply here for promises of future riches.


Right now our current story series are Clipart Stories, Election ‘016: The Series, and (Blank) We Haven’t Seen; you can help with these, or contribute with your own story series and serials.


So if you want to apply, please email homeclipartanimaldeer@gmail.com with this information (probably in bullet points just like this):

  • Name (internet usernames, psuedonyms, etc. are fine and stuff)
  • Skype Username (If you have some sort of moral objection to using Skype, please explain why; it is what both of us use to communicate)
  • A writing sample or two (Ones that demonstrate your skills in writing, not necessarily ones that would fit with this website, though that helps of course)
  • What you think you’d bring to the website (specifics are always better!)
  • Your ability to fit HCAD into your weekly schedule
  • Any other pertinent information you think will be useful.


We hope that you’ll consider applying!

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