[Election ‘016 044] Rallying

[Election ‘016 044] Rallying




Marco Rubio stood in front of a crowd of three hundred people, cheering him on as he spoke about lowering taxes and shit like that. But only very lightly, with respectful claps.

Marco Rubio kept on prattling about how he was the right choice for the future of America and all that kind of shit but it was pretty clear that nobody was that into it.

Marco Rubio signs were planted all over the yard at which he spoke, but nobody in the crowd had brought their own signs because seriously, it didn’t really matter that much.

Marco Rubio looked up into the sky, blinked several times, and shed a tear from his left eye before giving an anecdote about his parents who were immigrants from Cuba. He was really emotional.

Marco Rubio discussed the New American Century and how the next world would be different. He threw in some references to Stargate to see if anyone was listening. But nobody was.

Marco Rubio was handsome. His chiseled face matched his beautiful thin black hair, and it was very gorgeous to look at, probably to pet as well.

Marco Rubio’s face glowed with the sun in the background behind him, almost like a halo except that Marco was not an angel and did not have the capabilities that an angel would have.

Marco Rubio existed and prospered.

Marco Rubio finished his speech, stepped away from the crowd, and hopped into his truck to go travel to the next county over to give the same speech to another crowd of about three hundred.

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