[Animes We Haven’t Seen] The Perfectly Regular at Magic High School – Chapter 2

[Animes We Haven’t Seen] The Perfectly Regular at Magic High School – Chapter 2

Chapter 2


It was gym time, and Max had dressed in his all-new gym outfit. It was really small and tight and showed off a lot more skin than he really wanted anyone else to see. But he had to do it regardless, because he wanted to feel good about himself, and he would do that by accomplishing great athletic feats, such as running a nine-minute mile or winning a soccer game for his team.

However, as he walked outside to the track and field to join the other students in his class, he realized that he was not going to the typical gym class in a typical high school. No, this was a MAGIC high school.

Gary was already standing in the grass, doing stretches. Normal stretches, of course, rather than magical ones, because the concept of a magical stretch was baffling and nearly incomprehensible. If you know what a magical stretch is, could you please tell me, the author, Thedude3445, so that I can amend this logical ignorance later?

“How is it hanging, Mr. Irregular?” asked Max.

“I’ve been training my entire life for this event,” Gary said, ignoring Max’s cutesy nickname-calling. “I will stand in nobody’s way, because I will be so far above the rest that there is no way any of them could ever reach me.”

The gym teacher walked up to the class and blew a really loud whistle. She was also wearing a referee’s outfit, with an umpire’s mask on, and a lacrosse stick in her hand. “Alright, maggots!” she shouted like a drill sergeant. “We’re going to begin our first Magical Field Day, and you’d better listen up about it!” Everyone stiffened their posture for some reason. “I’m dividing all of you into two teams. Red team and Blue team. And you will attack each other until all the members on one of the teams is unconscious or otherwise incapacitated. Is this instruction clear?”

“Sir yes sir!” Everyone shouted in unison, except for Gary, who was still stretching.

“Then let’s go!”

Glowing magical orbs, either red or blue, appeared above everyone’s head, instantly designating which team they were on. Max looked up, and saw a red dot. He glanced over and saw that Gary’s was also red. “Whew,” he said. “I was worried we–”

A magical fireball slammed into the side of Max’s face, knocking him off his feet and onto the ground. Apparently, the fight had already begun, mere seconds after the teams were chosen. He didn’t even have enough time to react, let alone to summon his magical powers and get ready to fight.

Alas… his defenses also weren’t exactly the greatest, and therefore he was unable to get back up… He was already fading into unconsciousness after one blow… Well, at least it was still the first week of school…


Max woke up suddenly, and at first, his vision was blurry. What happened? Where was he? Everything cleared up, and he realized he was still on the field, where he was knocked out earlier. How long it had been, he didn’t know, but he saw that most of the other people on the field were also knocked out or lying on the ground. The glowing orb above his head was now green, which apparently meant that he was no longer a combatant in the game.

There were a few people on blue team left, but only one person on red team– Gary. He was fighting with all his might, blasting away blows and cutting off clashes, and didn’t even seem to have broken a sweat yet.

“Go Gary!” Max shouted. He realized the folly in his action as soon as the words left his throat, though; Gary turned, and was hit in the back by one of his opponents. But he wasn’t deterred; he swung back around and took out two blue team members in one dash of kick!

Now there were only two people still left in the field who were still able to fight– Gary, of course, and Mari Suika as well, who, as the number one student in the class, was expected to have easily been the champion of the entire battle.

“You can’t beat me, Gary!” Mari said. “I’m the leader of the bunch! You know me well! I’m finally back, to see you fail!”

“Well,” Gary said. “My magic can fire in spurts. If I shoot you, it’s gonna hurt.”

After this somewhat nonsensical exchange, Gary sent a huge blast of ambiguously-pink magic energy and sent Mari flying into the sky, so far away that she disappeared into a twinkle like Team Rocket when they get blasted off.

“I win,” Gary said.

The red team huddled around him and cheered. “We win!” everyone cheered in unison.

Max started to reevaluate his position on Gary. While he was certainly a very irregular individual, he was also a pretty darn cool guy. Maybe being friends with him wouldn’t ruin his ideal high school dreams… maybe they would even help him accomplish them!

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