[Clipart 029] Desk Lamp Liberty Architetto Franc 01

[Clipart 029] Desk Lamp Liberty Architetto Franc 01


Archie Baldo winked at Diana Quinn as she sat in her cubicle; she stood up and ran over to him almost immediately. He turned around and went over to the break room, with Diana following closely behind. He sat in the chair closest to the fridge and let Diana scoot over a table for them to use.

They waited until nobody else was in the break room, and then Archie pulled it out; A shoddy, multi-colored lamp with two lightbulbs inserted and a white power cord. It was the Desk Lamp Liberty Architetto Franc 01, as the label stuck to the bottom of its base read, but Archie and Diana simply called it Dlaf for short.

“We’re doing it again? Here?” Diana asked.

“Yeah,” Archie answered. “Well, not here. There.” He took the power cord by the fridge and plugged it in. Everything rumbled and shook and a burst of white shone forth, and then


they appeared in the middle of a narrow bridge overlooking a giant black chasm, with the lamp sitting on a pedestal levitating in the middle of said giant chasm.

“Welcome to Dlaf-Land,” Archie said.

It was a massive wasteland of nothingness, aside from the bridge, and the pedestal, and the two humans residing within. The entire realm was silent besides a weak gust blowing through the bridge above them. Diana gazed upwards and saw the infinite blackness that was the ceiling.

“It looks about the same as usual–” Diana wobbled as she tried to take a few steps forward and fell into Archie’s arms. “Whew,” she said. “I gotta watch my step, don’t I?”

“You do,” Archie said. “And you’ve gotta watch this.” He pecked her on the cheek and then began undoing her bra. She laid down carefully on the bridge and Archie followed suit. As he bent down and unbuckled his pants, Diana looked at Dlaf and its shimmering multi-colored lights. It sat there and shone. But that was it.


Archie straightened his tie and stepped out of the break room. Diana followed behind him, carrying Dlaf in her arms. One of her coworkers ran up to them. “Where have you been, Archie?” he asked. “We were looking all over for you.”

“Sorry. I was running some errands.” Archie and the coworker went off to do something and left Diana to return to her cubicle. She sat back on her rolly-chair and set Dlaf on her desk, making sure to wrap the power cord around its base. She turned her computer on and resumed her work.

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