[Clipart 018] Student Cool

[Clipart 018] Student Cool






“Very funny, Mister Pataki. Stevens?”


“Turner? ….Turner?”

“I’m here.”



“What the–”

“Mister Turner, may I ask why you are carrying that–”

“Nah, I’m good. You can start class now, party’s started.”

“Please, could you put that pencil down? It is causing a major distraction to the class.”

“I gotta write. Writing is learning. Can’t stop that, teach.”

“Well then, it is fortunate that we are going over the syllabus today, so you won’t need it.”

“Ah, I got that. Let me pull out my highlighter… Okay, here.”

“Nick, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Miss Oberbaum!”

“Sorry, Mrs. Brisby.”

“Hey, it was a valid Q that this fine lady was asking, teach. At least in my book. I’m just bringing large writing utensils to class. Saves a lot to buy in bulk. That cool with you, Jill?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“It is most certainly not fine with me, Mister Turner! Please, put your writing tools away for now!”

“No can do. You can’t suppress learning, Mrs. Brisby. That’d be anti-learning. And no teacher of mine can be anti-learning.”

“Mister Turner…”

“Yeah? You alright?”

“Please excuse me, students.”

“She gone? Yeah, she’s gone. And that’s what I call music to my ears.”

“Nick, you’re fucking great.”

“Gotta be honest, I’ve known it all my life.”

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