It’s 10/25, so… Homestuck

It’s 10/25, so… Homestuck

Merry Gristmas, as the kids call it. Today is 10/25, which means it’s the anniversary of Andrew Hussie doing a lot of big Homestuck stuff, like Alterniabound, or Cascade, always very exciting. Speaking of Cascade, that actually came out four years ago today, wow. Kind of weird that that was supposed to be the 2/3 or 3/4 point of the entire comic but ended up being about the halfway point by pagecount and nowhere near that for how long it’s been. But my seventeen-year-old self will never find out that fact, because if anyone tries to go back in time and let her find out, I’ll go back further in time and kill their grandparents, even if it starts a paradox. Because it’s worth it.

No, there isn’t much of anything to say about this. Homestuck isn’t updating again and the fandom’s near-death so there’s nothing cool to share… uhh, I guess I’ll post some picture I made many years ago that probably relates a little to Homestuck:


Ooh, there’s also this piece of fanart, by somebody (no idea who, if you do know please tell so I can link), about what they thought Lord English would look like (I added the Cairo Overcoat myself though from an image in the comic, which is why it looks like he’s not actually wearing it). I think it’s fantastic and honestly wish that’s how the comic actually went in the end:

prototyped doc scratch 2

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