There’s so much of the tagging and getting tags what a lovely day when it exists that we can do the tagging and search engine optimization google webcrawlers getting into the site and plunging into the content must have the content to let search engines index you and then get the site into more search results which results in a net gain in traffic and the ad revenue increases as the advertisers see the site statistics with a healthy growth and that the certain niche of the website is filled with as much content as possible for the high amount of traffic needed to be sustainable in this modern day there must be a lack of any dearth of content so that the search engines can track much better and that the new tools and tutorials and existences that let us contain within ourselves the successes we’ve always wished to make known to the entire world or at least to the inner doubt nagging at us to get ahold of the search engine optimization and market successfully to get the how-tos and the good articles that people will find in their search results without caring or knowing anything about the website except that there is content there that they wished to find and probably be helped in the explanations of many things such as the questions that a simple wikipedia search could tell them but they are too lazy or too ignorant in the realm of using websites to their advantage that they are unable to go without using search engines in the most rudimentary of manners to figure out whatever they wish to know in the form of content that we can provide provided that the search engines are collecting information on our content and provided that our content is optimized in such a way that the search engines will gladly take the keywords and buzzwords that we all know and love to heart so that there is content except for when the content is not of high quality and the readers simply do not have retention rates that advertisers enjoy that is what must be made up in our usage of search engine optimization or that we must improve our content in quality by hiring better writers and better content producers but that is a much more costly endeavor and the retention rate of readers can be bolstered in many other ways including email lists and giveaways sadly it is too much to ask for the readers to care enough about the content they are searching for to stay dedicated to read websites with all this beautiful ad revenue without their greedy visions of getting giveaway prizes and gaining whatever gainless mementos of an unworthy life they wish to obtain with the promise of great amounts of content coming to them in the future much better a promise than the giveaway they so desire and the ad revenue we so desire through our search engine opimization and some very good tags

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