Uh-Oh (Movie Club News)

Uh-Oh (Movie Club News)

Bad news, folks. I went on Netflix and realized that the movie that was going to be covered for this week’s Movie Club, Annie Hall, left Netflix (today in fact). I hadn’t watched it yet for my essay, so this means it ain’t gonna happen in time for the article tomorrow.

You might be asking right now, “Yo Thedude3445, what the hell? Wouldn’t a good writer have already watched it weeks ago and written the final draft of the article by now?” Yes, a good writer would have.

So because of this, I guess, I’ll do one of two things:

  1. Find some movie to watch that I have already seen and really love, and write a short article about it. The problem is finding something on Netflix that I can definitely write about in time.
  2. Write something on The Martian, which I am seeing tomorrow, though something that is not a full review (since that’s supposed to come on Sunday). This might compromise writing the review on Sunday, however.

So, dear reader, you can have a say in this dilemma in the comments section, if you wish. I won’t decide until tomorrow afternoon what I want to do, anyway.

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