Welcome to the Week

Welcome to the Week

Home Clipart Animal Deer’s got a new week coming to you, and we have a lot of good stuff planned. You’d be keen to keep pressing F5 repeatedly until our new stuff releases directly to you.

This week, we still have all our normal stuff, Cliparts, Presidential Stories, and the like, but we will also be introducing a new feature, which will be the HCAD Movie Club, posted each Friday. We’ll announce the movie at the beginning of the week, and you can watch it; it’ll usually be available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.  Then we’ll talk about the movie, sometimes a review, sometimes other types of articles. You, dear reader, are encouraged to participate in the discussion each week as well.

This week’s movie is the 2014 movie Noah, which neither of us have yet seen.


Also, I (Thedude3445) will be going to Anime Weekend Atlanta starting this Friday. I will admit now that I am a huge weeaboo and there will surely be plenty of anime-related postings in the near future, including one this Sunday about a certain “secret project” of mine that I have been working on for the past few weeks. You’ll hear about it on, well, Sunday.

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