[Election ‘016 005] The Lonely Road of Mark Everson

[Election ‘016 005] The Lonely Road of Mark Everson


I walk a dirt path up to the small brown

House surrounded by rows of corn and wheat

And knock on the wooden door. Out

Of the house comes an elderly husband and wife

With wrinkles and overalls and skeptical faces

As I open my mouth and let my tenor voice ring out

Asking, “May I have a minute of your time?” With

Conspicuous glances and eyebrows raised, they let

Me into their home. Inside I notice a mirror and see

My snowy hair and dried-out face. I resist

The urge to wink at myself. I sit down on their

Couch and cross my right leg over my left

And say, “I think you two have a lovely

Home.” But they say nothing. The wife merely

Stands, staggers to the urn above the fireplace, digs

Around for a moment or two, and then presents

To me a glowing diamond ring. I know

Then at that moment that they have my vote.


My path down the highway is mostly silent as I

straddle along fields of amber hay. My truck broke

Down four weeks ago and I’ve been walking places

Ever since. The trek down Thirty-Five has

Been long but it has been quiet. As an Everson, that’s

More of a plus than anything.


I’m wearing two garnet bands, three diamond

Rings, and a necklace. From this count, I’d say my

Primary vote count is at least twenty, which is

Good, but not enough. I need to keep moving, keep

Covering the state until I’ve reached all ninety-nine

Counties and gotten as much jewelry as I can

Muster. I enter the town of Clear Lake and try

To find a place to sleep. Nobody’s out tonight

And I feel like I’m walking on a movie set, the

Star of my own biopic. That’d be nice.


Before I enter the motel, I pass by a television set

Playing in the window of a shop. It’s showing

Jeb!, ornamented in silver and bronze, covering every

Inch of his body. I look down at my unpolished

Golden necklace, and clamp it within my hand. It feels

Cold, even in the middle of the summer. One day

It will be one piece of many, but for now, it’s a

Reminder of how far I’ve come since I left

The skeletons in my closet behind.

One thought on “[Election ‘016 005] The Lonely Road of Mark Everson

  1. So far it looks like this is the most-viewed President story… but why? Mark Everson will literally be the most obscure candidate we cover. It’s a poem, not even a story. Why is this one so popular?


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