[Clipart Story 001] Content Buddha Head

[Clipart Story 001] Content Buddha Head


          The Content Buddha sat beneath the branches of a fig tree, head bowed in silent meditation while the fan of the laptop atop his legs whirred softly like the spring breeze. People traveled far and wide, from all corners of the world, just to get a glimpse of the Content Buddha. Every now and again, a particularly brave acolyte would approach him meekly and put forth some great question that had been plaguing their conscious.

          “Oh Content Buddha, great and wise, I beseech you,” the man dropped to his knees, as close to the earth as he could before the Content Buddha. “How, oh how can I get more hits on my blog?”

          “Please, stand. One does not have to wallow before the Content Buddha. We are all one, brother,” the auspicious Content Buddha beckoned the man to stand.

          “Thank you, oh glorious Content Buddha,” the lowly man got up from the ground and sat, just as the Content Buddha sat. They were one. “I have tried for many moons to expand my blog, yet my follower count refuses to grow. Every day, all manner of cat photos and videos of people falling off of ladders I have shared, but to no avail. If that does not get me hits and launch me into internet stardom then what is the point of existence?”

          “Dear fellow, you must not give up so easily. Even the largest of media networks started out as nothing more than a single small video, it takes but a careful gardener to make it grow. But even the most skilled gardener can not make a lily grow in the desert.”

          “I… I think I understand.”

          “No matter how adorable the kitten in the teacup or hilarious the falling man, you must first find an audience. If a tree posts an epic video of the fam twerking in the forest and nobody is there to view it, does it generate any likes? A man who fishes for clicks with no bait will never catch his supper. Create a top 10 list of the cutest Frozen cosplayers. Your opinion on why Chris Hemsworth is by far the hunkiest dude in Hollywood. Go to the mountain, breathe deep, and proclaim to the world that they will not believe how these crude references in 90s Nick cartoons got past the censors.”

          “Oh beautiful, unsullied Content Buddha. I have now seen the error in my ways. I shall follow your divine path and bask in the holy light of a thousand dollars in ad revenue,” and the man was gone.

          There still the Buddha sat beneath the branches of the fig tree, as he had done for many winters. The whole world sat before him, every man and woman, dog and bird, tree and grain of sand connected by an invisible web of love. One soul in many bodies. He viewed this grand cosmic dance as he had so many times before, and the Content Buddha was content.

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