Welcome to Home Clipart Animal Deer, or HCAD if you like acronyms/hate stupid names. This is a site where we, we being Kenny “Kenye West” Herndon and Elly “Thedude3445” Baker, write things and then post things so you can read things. The content on the site includes flash fictions, short stories, serials, and as well as other miscellany that we happen to make along the way. We have several series planned; Election 2016, where we write a story about every single presidential candidate (yes, even you, Jim Gilmore), the titular clipart stories where we take a piece of (public domain) clipart and write a flash fiction using the file name as a premise/title, as well as several serials that are already planned or in the process of being written.

We will try our best to upload something for you every day, with an Election 2016 story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a clipart story every Tuesday and Thursday, and serials/standalone stories being published on the weekends. We hope you enjoy!

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